Protect Your Family with Will and Estate Documents

The lawyers at our firm have over a decade of experience serving the legal needs of non-traditional families, including financial agreements, Co-Parenting Agreements, Wills and accompanying estate documents, such as Powers of Attorney and Medical Advance Directives to allow designated parties to exercise agency and care in the case of a medical emergency or other unfortunate event.  

You need a Will! Preparing a Will and estate planning documents is a simple way to provide your family with security.

If you have a child under 18, you must have a Will. A Will is the primary means for appointing a guardian for a child if their legal parents pass away. This is a difficult topic to think about and easy to put off, but it is essential to protect your child.

If you are in a same-sex marriage, unmarried partnership, poly family, or in any alternative family structure, you need a Will prepared by attorneys who support these communities. No matter how legislation and policy changes, you are empowered to support your family with a Will. With a Will, you can ensure that the relationships between the members of your family, even when they aren’t recognized by the state, aren’t erased if something happens to you. You can ensure that your financial interdependence with non-marital partners, or the relationships between your child and the other important adults in their lives, aren’t severed by intestacy rules that don’t recognize those relationships as valid. You can also use estate planning tools to minimize the tax burden on your estate even if your relationship isn’t a marriage, or if your marriage isn’t recognized by the jurisdiction where you’re living at the time.

A Will allows you to express your agency and protect your loved ones in the event of your death, and Advance Directive documents allow you to do the same in the event that you are injured, sick, or incapacitated. Our firm has pioneered Advance Directive documents tailored to be most effective for LGBQ clients, for transgender and gender non-conforming clients, and for clients in polyamorous or otherwise non-traditional families. Using these documents, you can ensure that hospitals respect your identities, your medical wishes, and your family relationships. When you work with our firm to make a Will, we include Advance Directive counseling to help you decide which of these documents, like Power of Attorney, Healthcare Proxies, and Living Wills, are right for you and help you execute them.

For all these reasons and more, we hope to ensure that all of our clients have access to Wills and estate planning by offering a discount program for a limited time.

Our flat fees for a basic Will, and estate and Advance Directive documents package is $1,500 per individual, $2,250 for a couple, and $3,375 for a triad.

This package includes:

  • Will

  • Power of Attorney

  • Comprehensive Medical Advance Directive and Living Will

  • Testamentary trusts

  • Assignment of Guardian

(You may not need all of these documents. The exact set of documents will be determined according to your needs after your attorney consultation.)

“Estate and advance directive documents” does not include:

  • Inter vivos trusts

  • QTIP or credit shelters

  • Complex financial instruments

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