We are a boutique law firm practicing traditional and non-traditional family law with support for positive beginnings and endings of family relationships. We provide services for intentional family formation, including creative prenuptial, assisted reproduction, and co-parenting agreements and nontraditional family arrangements, adoptions, and out-of-court family dissolution, including divorces using mediation and collaborative law even in cases of high conflict.

Ms. Adams works often with clients in the lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans communities, clients in the polyamory and kink communities, clients in other nontraditional families such as grandparent child guardians, single parents, and blended families, and clients who seek more traditional family law support for divorce or child custody. Whatever your family situation, Ms. Adams will advocate for your rights as a parent, partner, or family.

As a trained and experienced mediator, Diana Adams has a philosophy of emphasizing negotiation and collaborative lawyering before litigation, and she prioritizes finding novel solutions that will satisfy the interests of both parties with a minimum of time and legal fees. 

Ms. Adams maintains offices in Brooklyn, NY and Albany, NY, and argues in courts in all five boroughs of New York City as well as throughout New York State.

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